Why Wild Whale?

The name Wild Whale is for two reasons;

Firstly it is a nod to my love of ocean swimming or wild swimming. I have swum since a child and until recently ocean swimming was my life. It allows you absolute freedom to get away from the mundane aspects of everyday life and to totally switch off and relax within nature. In 2017 I swam across the Rip from Point Nepean to Point Lonsdale. This journey takes you across the main shipping channels of Melbourne from one side of Port Phillip Bay to the other. Whilst I can’t currently swim, I still visit the ocean most days with the bay at the end of my street and love taking the drone across the water capturing it’s beauty from unique angles.

Secondly, I love whales and to this end I have included whales in much of my art. In fact nearly every single piece. Somewhere in every print you will find one happy little whale hiding in the shadows somewhere. One wild whale off on their own adventure.

All photographs and artworks are covered by Australian copyright laws and belong to John Evans. Drone photographs are taken using the GoPro Karma drone with Hero 5 and DSLR shots are taken with a Canon 550D. Poster Rails are all hand made to order with Tasmanian Oak, leather and Chicago Screws and are finished with linseed oil.

Photography, artwork and poster rails all by John Evans.

Wild Whale is based in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for swimming by.

Johnno, Wild Whale Prints.